Abby Trivia

This is not about tidbits of trivia about random subjects. This is about random trivia tidbits about myself. This is rare. And strange. As a wallflower, I’m not comfortable giving personal information. But because I’d like to break the inner barrier, I’m taking a leap and exposing pieces of myself. So here.

-I like my name, and I get frustrated when it is misspelled.

-I have a 12-letter surname, which, like the alphabet, starts with A and ends with Z.

-I love pink.

-So you guessed it right, I’m ultra feminine.

-That’s why I find Barbie the cutest doll.

-And I had a hard time disposing of my old Barbie-themed pajamas.

-I strive to maintain a healthy diet, which means I avoid junk food, softdrink, and fast food as much as I can.

-I don’t smoke. I don’t drink alcohol.

-Cooking is not my art, but  eating is.

-It goes against my attempt at a healthy diet, but  I love pizza. Oh yeah, pasta too.

-I read a lot.  Letters to me are what nectar is to bees. They attract me.

-Without anything else to do,  like when I wait at the checkout counter or eat alone, I resort to reading food labels,  signs, posters, and even little bitty stickers. Wall vandalism, yeah that doesn’t escape my eyes as well.

-I love buying bargain books.

-I dream of writing my own books and attending my own autograph-signing session.

-I usually come across as a snob.

-But I’m not. I’m just ridiculously shy.

-On most ocassions, I only talk when spoken to.

-But I definitely love to engage in substantial and insightful discussions.

-I’m more of a listener than a talker. However, I can easily tune out when distracted, hungry, angry, and anxious.

-In fact, I can tune out pretty easily on almost all ocassions.

-I don’t sing videoke. True, it’s very un-Fililipino.

-I used to dance as a kid. Truth is, I dreamed of becoming a ballerina.

-I have a heart for children and want to commit myself to nourishing all aspects of their being.

-I believe their childhood, among other things, will shape their adulthood.

-I desire to be a positive influence on people.

-I want to leave a meaningful and lasting legacy.

-I’m happy to be Pinoy.

-I love my country, and I’m positive it will rise again.

-I’m glad God put me in my family. I’m happy being with them. And I love them.

-I consider God the heartbeat of my being.

-I love Him.

-I believe my identity lies in what He says.

-And I like how my Creator made me.


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