Dear Reader,

Saturday, November 26, 2011 § Leave a comment

I wish you wouldn’t have to feel what I am feeling now — the feeling that you have to be somewhere else doing something else. It’s nagging; it’s making me restless. If I only can, I’d drop this feeling off and avoid it totally for the rest of my days. But then again, I realize it’s nagging because it’s meant to be dealt with. Should I go? Where? Should I leave everything now? To do what? It seems the new season looms larger by the day. Always a new season unfurls. Always I find myself fumbling about, unable to grasp its reality. Isn’t it that things change? Circumstances change? People change?

I wish you wouldn’t have to feel what I am feeling now. I wish this against all hope, knowing perfectly well that this will remain that — a wish — because at different points in our lives, we’re going to experience this feeling, and whether we like it or not,  we need to reach a decision in which we’ll leave maybe not everything but some things we hold dearly to move to someplace else — literal or figurative — where we’ll fulfill another of our life’s purposes.

One season ends, another one begins.  And this is the pattern we’d have to live with on and on and on and on …

Prayerfully considering things,



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