Prayer of a single woman

Tuesday, October 18, 2011 § 5 Comments

Dear God,

I thank you for this precious season of singleness. Today, as I did before, I offer my single years unto you. Please use my singleness in the way you want to, and let it bring honor to your name.

I know I was put in this season at this exact period for a reason, and although I can’t always wrap my mind around that reason, I am confident that I am living under your will. More than anything else, Lord, I want to do your will, so let me see this period as a wonderful opportunity to serve you with undivided attention.

Please give me more strength so that I can accomplish the work you have for me, and give me more wisdom so that I can make decisions with lasting significance. Lord, I want to live this singleness as meaningfully as I can. This is the desire of my heart.

My journey as a single woman, you know, Lord, is not always rosy. There are times when the pangs of loneliness unmercifully hit me, so I ask you to wrap your hands around my shoulders.  Please comfort me with your embrace and let me feel the warmth of your love. Cover my heart so that no lies can invade it. Always, God, remind me that I am not abandoned, that you are my comforter and lover, and that you uphold me with your righteous right hand.

When I try to source out my joy from other people, material things, or experiences, please whisper in my heart that you are that, Lord. My joy.  I require no one or nothing else to make me feel complete. I am already complete in you. Show me how to truly appreciate this season when I seem to forget you designed it and especially when I become emotionally vulnerable.

When I feel insecure, which always happens, may you remind me that my security lies in you. My possessions in you can’t be measured by earthly standards, and my value is not from this world. When I question who I am, let me ponder my identity as your daughter — precious and forever loved. And always remind me that you, my Father, delight in me.

God, let your love for me be the overarching theme of my life, and allow me to express my love for you in the best ways that I am capable of. Let me fall more deeply in love with you. So deeply that my whole being sinks and fails to recover. Please fill every need, every longing, every hole.

When temptations to compromise are so strong, please, Father, allow me not to give in. Remind me of my vow of purity. Hold me and make me firm. Instill in me indestructible faithfulness so that I can continue to stay pure in my actions, thoughts, and words. Father, please take captive of my mind and heart today in my singleness and for the rest of my earthly existence.


May you surround me with good friends with whom I can share and from whom I can experience more of your warmth and love. Help me make more meaningful friendships, for it is your desire for me to intertwine my life with others.

And, Father, as I wait for my love story to unfold, guard my heart with towering walls, so no one, except the man you made for me, can enter it. Lock my heart into yours. It is the only place where it is secure. Don’t let my heart escape and wander down the winding and dark road of expectations. I want it to be clean. I want to reserve a part of my heart for my man, who I know will come at your appointed time.

But, Father, as I wait, allow me not to be distracted by my desire for a love story. I want you to still be my focus, the center of my existence. Help me keep my eyes on you, Father, and please silence my heart when uncertainties come my way.

God, I recommit my life to you today. Do whatever you please with my life, for you own it. Thank you for your presence, unending love, and overflowing grace. Thank you for this season, for it reveals more of you in a way that only singleness can. From this season, I will gather plenty of lessons and stories that I will soon bring into the next season of my life.

May your name be glorified in this season, and may you give me the steadfastness of spirit as I watch your plan take place. Amen.


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§ 5 Responses to Prayer of a single woman

  • Brian Thompson says:

    Thanks for posting this article in F/W. I noticed it is under ‘free to share’ – I hope to share this when preaching/teaching as a powerful expression of how a single woman of God looks at life & their relationship to God. It’s the hardest thing to do isn’t it? Learning to separate what matters from what matters most?


  • Abby says:

    Thanks, Brian. Please do share it. I really desire this prayer to reach other single women. 🙂

    God bless.

  • Zusabel says:

    Hello Abby! I read your post at (in)courage and I followed your link. Wow, I am so glad God led me here. 🙂 I praise and thank Him for your stories. No scratch that. His victorious stories in your life. Keep on shining dear sister in Christ! Hope to read more from your walk with our Perfect Lover.

    Just prayed for you 😉

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