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Have I told you?
Your love is the most beautiful.
I’ll whisper it to you every morning,
When I feel your gaze cloaking me,
Or on days I feel like questioning,
As I seem to do the past days.
Teetering on the brink of doubt,
I will remember the love of eternal nature.
The force behind I can hardly grasp,
But the grandiose breadth I am familiar with.

Your love is the most beautiful,
As lovely as your name,
Which when I speak of rises hope.
Your love shoots straight into my heart,
And from there starts to root,
Leaving me awash in daily miracles.
Although some have escaped my eyes,
My heart instinctively sees all,
Because my heart and yours are connected,
In ways I can’t even begin to comprehend.

Your love is the most beautiful.
Now, you see, I’ve told you.
I haven’t seen love as lovely as yours,
As determined to go to the greatest lengths.
Let it forever be my cradle,
The fortress that holds me together.
Surround me with your love.
Let me swim into it.
Let me drown to never find my way out,
Because in your love I find my life.


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