Runner’s high

Thursday, April 14, 2011 § Leave a comment

I’m far from being athletic. I’ve never done any sport. In fact, the closest I got to sports was when I had swimming and basketball subjects for my college P.E. Had it not been for my curriculum, I would never have physically challenged myself.

But things have changed.

Now, I want to run.

This should come as a surprise, as I’ve been a weakling all my life. I could never run more than a kilometer. My ultra feminine cadence is unattractive when I’m running. I have a problem with endurance. And these reasons are the same reasons I avoided sports altogether.

But I want to run.

It all started around a month ago, when we, as a family, decided to run/jog at a nearby memorial park. We wake up at 5:30 in the morning everyday and arrive at the park at 6, when some of the runners/joggers are already bathing in their sweat from tirelessly running.

Ah, their evident enthusiasm and passion are enough to make me want to run.

The Joggers

The Joggers

After a round of warm-up, which to us means walking the running path, I will launch myself to a run, er, jog, slowly first and then a little faster. The other runners/joggers will whiz past me, some of them are running individually, while others are in a big group. I easily get tired, so I resort to walking after about two minutes. And then I jog, then walk, then jog again, then walk until it’s time to go home. You see, I still can’t run an entire distance. In fact, I have more walk breaks than runs. Pretty understandable since I’m just starting. But watch out for me! I’ll learn to run faster and longer with a fitter body. Yebah!

The Joggers' Rides

The Joggers' Rides

What makes me love this morning running routine is that aside from making me physically fit, it also gives me an opportunity to reflect. Back in the days, reflecting was my habit. That was when I didn’t have to worry about writing deadlines, budgeting, and career moves. That was when all I cared about were my grades, school projects, and shoes. When I run, it’s as if I have finally contained myself. Finally, I have time to think, analyze, and focus. Finally, I can talk to myself sensibly.

So I guess I will run as often as I can. Everyday. Every other day. Every chance I get.

Perhaps, I’ll be a runner runner in the end. And I’m taking baby steps.


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