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It took me so long to finally put together another blog — this time, a personal blog. My first blog, which was originally intended to host some of my mini-essays, is still up but sadly looks abandoned. Believe me, I started that blog with a clear intention of regularly updating it. But the demands of work put my personal writing to a halt.

As you know, regularly writing mini-essays is time-consuming, so I decided to create a blog just for random thoughts, quick realizations, and interesting stories. I won’t burden you with long posts, that’s for sure. But in case I do, please bear with me. It’s very rare that I get talkative, which is why every time that happens, I let the mood flow into paper, er, computer screen.

This is exciting! I’ve never been more open than this, so sharing myself and my stories is something I look forward to. I have good hopes. And I’m hoping this blog won’t die on me.

So to you my dear readers I say, welcome aboard! Allow me to share with you my journey. And now, let’s get this started. 🙂



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